1 -什么是第九条?

第九条 of the Education Amendments of 1972 is the federal law which prohibits 歧视 on the basis of sex (including pregnancy, 性取向, and gender identity) in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance, 其中包括KOK体育app官方下载软件官方手机版app下载.

Delta State University is committed to fostering an environment free of sexual misconduct. The term sexual misconduct broadly defines any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature. This includes 但不限于 性侵犯, 歧视, 剥削, 骚扰, 恐吓, 和暴力.

2 -谁是第九条协调员?

第九章协调员:夫人. Tameka Curry-Bryant

办公地点:H. L. Nowell Union 307


电子邮件: titleix@tobpt.com or tcurry@tobpt.com


电子邮件: titleix@tobpt.com


在线: 文件A报告

本人:H. L. Nowell Union 307

Immediate Assistance or Emergency Situation: Contact Delta State 大学警察 Department at (662) 846-4155 or 911

4 -如果我报告了怎么办?

收到报告时, the 第九条 Coordinator will contact the complainant to acquire relevant information, 提供资源, and extend an invitation to discuss supportive measures. A meeting with the coordinator does not imply additional action will be taken. There are several options available, which the complainant will be made aware of. Options are individualized to ensure the complainant maintains control of the response best accommodating their needs.

The grievance process is initiated when a Formal Complaint is filed. A fair and impartial grievance process protects complainants from coercion and threats. The grievance process imparts due process principles, 被, 并达成可靠的责任决定. This process includes a Notice of Allegations to the identified parties, 一项调查, 一个live-hearing, 书面决定, 以及平等的上诉机会. Upon filing a Formal Complaint, there are also options for Informal Resolution.

Once a Formal Complaint has been filed and the respondent has been identified, the respondent will also be offered supportive measures. Supportive measures will be offered at no cost to both parties, which includes 但不限于 academic assistance, 宣传, 校园护送, 咨询, 就业及住宿, 移民及签证协助, 无联络令, 以及其他合理的措施. A notification to law enforcement officials is an additional option. The 第九条 Coordinator can assist in connecting the complainant to the appropriate agencies and 资源.


The incident has negatively affected your academics or employment.

You need someone to confide in and seek assistance and support, 但我不想接受正式调查.

You are concerned about your safety or the safety of others.

Your report could stop the behavior from continuing to hurt others.

报告有助于大学提供支持, 资源, and accommodations to all impacted as well as help to change the culture through education etcetera.


You will have the same rights and privacy as all parties involved in the investigation.

The 第九条 Coordinator and then an Investigator will be contacting you to give your account of what has been reported.

The same supportive measures and 资源 are available to you throughout this process as all parties involved.


Please make sure you have removed yourself from any situations where you are in danger. Record the details of the incident to preserve them for reporting purposes as time and the trauma of seeing Sexual Misconduct can cause memory problems. Contact the 第九条 Coordinator to discuss what you witnessed. Know that you are beginning a conversation that may or may not lead to 一项调查.

Your information will be protected and kept as private as possible. If you stay silent, the problem is allowed to continue and this could lead to more people being hurt.


Please review the rest of the information linked to this page addressing Delta State University’s 第九条 Policy, 定义, 程序, 还有其他资源.

You are welcome to contact the 第九条 Coordinator to request a 培训 about 第九条. You can also request customized 培训s about boundaries, communication, and healthy relationships.

有关第九条的更多信息,请参阅 民权办公室网站.


性行为不端不是开玩笑的, 当我们诉诸幽默时, this is an indication that we don’t have a lot of understanding about it. 第九条 should not be casually used as a threat or for comical reasons. It is important to understand that the words you use impact your beliefs, 行动, 以及你周围的文化. Joking about 第九条 leads to further misinformation about Sexual Misconduct, 什么会让人受伤, 不报告情况, 并且/或者可能不明白他们受到了伤害.


If you need immediate assistance, please call Delta State 大学警察 Department:

(662) 846-4155 or 911



夫人.Tameka Curry-Bryant
(662) 846-4159
H. L. Nowell Union 307

You can also file a report directly at the link below:


KOK体育app官方下载软件官方手机版app下载平等机会的完整声明 & 性骚扰

Delta State University expects that all members of the University community – students, 教师, staff – should be able to pursue their work and education in a safe environment, 没有性别/基于性别的不当行为. 为此目的, the University is committed to maintain a working and learning environment free of sexual misconduct. 不当性行为一词包括, 但不限于, 性侵犯, 性剥削, 性恐吓, 性骚扰, 跟踪, 约会暴力, 家庭暴力. The University aims to eradicate sexual misconduct through education, 培训, 明确的政策, and serious consequences for violations of this policy.

本政策的节略版本 出现 on all first-contact materials sent out from the University, and in Syllabi. 这份政策声明简洁地写道:
Delta State University is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free from sexual and gender-based 歧视 or 骚扰. Our goal is for all to have equal access to the many great services and opportunities we offer. 如欲了解更多详情,请参阅 第九条 Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and 性骚扰 Policy.